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We seek to empower rural communities in India by promoting a love for reading among children. Help support Dalit Solidarity in enhancing literacy rates and increasing access to diverse literature.

My name is Shaunya Kumar

“As a first-generation Indian in America, I am deeply passionate about philanthropy and giving back to communities in India. Particularly, I want to raise accessibility of education for all children. I’m honored to work with Dalit Solidarity to implement my initiative and am excited to collaborate with other organizations, philanthropists, donors, and individuals to support this project.”

Mission of this Project

“Through Dalit Solidarity, I hope to empower communities in rural India and foster a love for reading among children. Saying that reading has changed my life is an understatement- my novels and stories provide me safe haven constantly and inspire me to be resilient every single day. I discovered my first role models and ambitions through reading, and without them, I would not be where I am today. 

The average philanthropic book donations presently relocate curriculum textbooks or test prep workbooks to marginalized communities. Obviously, this can leave substantial impacts on students who gain access to materials necessary for performing well in academics. However, for me, reading should go beyond just studying. Reading should be a cherished activity, and the things read should be memorable. Diverse literature is essential for supporting diverse minds and dreams. I believe everyone should be able to explore and meet their literary role models, discover their fantastical sanctuaries, find representation, and learn to dream with passion. 

Access to diverse literature not only enhances literacy rates but also unlocks doors to imagination, personal discovery, ambitions, empathy, and a broader understanding of the world, which are essential values all children and youth need to discover by themselves through reading. I’m excited to implement my dream of literacy empowerment with Dalit Solidarity.”

Our Works

Books that you can donate for!

Books that feature strong, resilient female protagonists who overcome obstacles, challenge stereotypes, and pursue their dreams can inspire girls to believe in themselves, embrace their potential, and strive for success.

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